Hope Christian Preschool and Daycare

Pre-School, Early elementary and after-school care, serving Bakersfield since 1982

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The mission of Hope Christian School is to offer education to children, rather than making a profit.  As a result of our non-profit status, the tuition and fees are extremely competitive for private Christian schools in Bakersfield.

Tuitions 2017-2018:

Pre-School Full Year Rates    School Age and Kindergarten  Summer Rates
5 Full Days  $690.00/mo                                            5 Full Days $690.00/mo
5 Half Days $570.00/mo   5 Half Days / Afternoons $570.00/mo
5 Afternoons $570.00/mo   4 Full Days $610.00/mo
4 Full Days $610.00/mo   4 Half Days /Afternoons $489.00/mo
4 Half Days $489.00/mo   3 Full Days $489.00/mo
4 Afternoons $489.00/mo   3 Half Days / Afternoons $389.00/mo
3 Full Days $489.00/mo   2 Full Days $348.00/mo
3 Half Days $389.00/mo   2 Half Days / Afternoons $277.00/mo
3 Afternoons $389.00/mo   Drop in Rates  
2 Full Days $348.00/mo   Full Day Drop in $49.00
2 Half Days $277.00/mo   Half Day  / Afternoons $28.00
2 Afternoons $277.00/mo      
Drop-in Fee $49.00/day
$28.00/Half day
Pickup/After School Care
School Age
After School Care

$50.00 Fall Registration Fee
$25.00 Fall Materials Fee
$35.00 Summer Registration Fee
$20.00 Potty Training Fee (per month)

Community Connection:
Hope Christian does work with Community Connection.  Please contact us regarding the details.